Month: October 2020


Monster Legends | Ourosmic Tales Challenge And Progressive Island – Cosmic Generation(October 2020)

Welcome Monster Legend Community, the Ourosmic’s Tales Challenge has officially started! Obtain and Rank Up a brand new Cosmic Mythic Monster – Ourosmic, an Earth Tank with various Taunt and Shield skills and all these skills combined with his high life, makes him very hard to get rid of. Ourosmic, as an Earth Tank can […]


Varupapu: Quest Event And Quest Days - Cosmic Generation(October 2020) | Monster Legends

Varupapu: Quest Event And Quest Days – Cosmic Generation(October 2020) | Monster Legends

Welcome and get ready monster-lovers, a new quest is at your doorstep! Gear up your monsters and get ready to breed a bunch of top monsters (Hookuai, Varuna, Koralle Brutalis) by combining Taiga (or Urtikus) and Darkzgul (or Galante), all the while trying to get your hands on a brand new Cosmic Mythic – Varupapu. […]


Monster_Legends: Blood_Disco_Marathon-Fampirastral

Monster Legends | Blood Disco Marathon: Featuring Fampirastral – Halloween Generation(October 2020)

Welcome, Monster Legends Gaming Community, with the climax of the El Colossal Breeding Event( lasting 24 Hours), a new marathon has started! featuring Fampirastral, a new Cosmic Mythic Monster, with various Debuffs and Torture skills of the dark element; vying to establish herself as a formidable Dark Support monster. Fampirastral, being a Dark Support Monster, […]


Monster Legend | El Colossal Breeding Event: All-Stars Edition(October 2020)

Welcome everyone, the El-Colossal: All-Stars Breeding Edition! is now live, in which you can breed the most popular and forthrightly the best Legendary, VIP, Nemesis and Elite monsters of every given element! But, especially for this El Colossal, you need to keep in mind a few things which can change the outcome and the way […]


Monster Legends Breeding Guide | Breedable Legendary Monsters With Their Respective Breedable Epics

Monster Legends revolve around breeding, gaining, winning, and hatching of monsters, and we can’t talk about Monster Legends without mentioning the breeding of monsters, which may range from breeding a bunch of rare or epics to breedable legendary monsters and even Mythic/Cosmic mythic during certain events. Below, we provided you with a chart containing all the Breedable Legendaries and […]