Welcome, Monster Legends Gaming Community, with the climax of the El Colosal: Mythic Seasons Vol. 2( lasting 24 Hours), a new marathon has started! Featuring Kurai Kage, a new Mythic Monster of the Corrupted Era, capable of applying Bleed and Nightmares to all his enemies.

Kurai Kage as an attacker of the Dark Category can also apply Bleed and Nightmares to its enemies, while on the other hand, he can also give himself various Damage buffs along with Cooldown Protection. This Dark Attacker can not only counter extra turners due to his Anticipation trait, but he can also Block Resurrection and becomes a Status Caster gaining self-cooldown protection.

The “Kurai Kage” has an Evolving Trait:

  • Rank 0, he has Anticipation,
  • Rank 1, he Blocks Resurrection,
  • Rank 3, he becomes a Status Caster gaining Cooldown Protection.





Stats(Lvl 100):

  • LIFE: 89,273
  • POWER: 8,591
  • SPEED: 6,391

Monster_Legends: Akuryo_Temple_Marathon – Kurai Kage
Monster_Legends: Akuryo_Temple_Marathon – Kurai Kage

Recommended Moveset:

  • Yashu: Very Heavy Dark Damage(55 Dmg) + Bleed(3 Turns) + Nightmares(4 Turns) —-> 38 Stamina, 2 CD, Single Enemy
  • Chu no Yami: Self Triple Damage(1 Turn) + Nightmares(3 Turns) —-> 32 Stamina, 1 CD, Self
  • Yami no Jutsu: AOE Moderate Dark Damage(40 Dmg) + AOE Nightmares(4 Turns) —-> 48 Stamina, 3 CD, Multiple Enemies
  • Tatsumaki: AOE Moderate Dark Damage(40 Dmg) + AOE Bleed(3 Turns) —-> 48 Stamina, 3 CD, Multiple Enemies

Akuma no Kage: Insane Dark Damage(80 Dmg) + Nightmares(4 Turns) + MegaPossession(2 Turns) —-> No Stamina, No CD, Single Enemy [Special Skill]

Rest Of The Skills:

  • Shady Ninja: Moderate Dark Damage(40 Dmg) —-> 25 Stamina, 0 CD, Single Enemy
  • Chaos’ Lover: AOE Low Dark Damage(20 Dmg) —-> 30 Stamina, 0 CD, Multiple Enemies
  • Kage Bunshin: Low dark Damage(15 Dmg) + Self Extra Turn(1 Turn) —-> 28 Stamina, 1 CD, Single Enemy; Self
  • Yuruginai: Self Cooldown Protection(3 Turns) + Self Double Damage(1 Turn) —-> 42 Stamina, 2 CD, Self