Welcome Monster Legend Community, the Blumeria Tales Challenge has officially started! Obtain and Rank Up a brand new Corrupted Mythic Monster -“Blumeria“, a Light Attacker with extra turns, Hater effects, Double Damage, Life Regeneration, and negative effect removal Skills.

Blumeria, as an Attacker of the Light Category, can apply Shield Breaks and deal high amounts of damage to all his enemies. But you would be wrong to think that this is all that she counts for, cuz she can also apply Random Hater Skills to itself along with Extra Turn in one move.

The Mighty “Blumeria” has an Evolving Trait:

  • Rank 0, she has Anticipation,
  • Rank 1, she gains Cooldown Immunity,
  • Rank 3, she becomes a Status Caster, and gains a random Hater effect at the start of every battle.


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Stats(Lvl 100):

  • LIFE: 86,862
  • POWER: 8,591
  • SPEED: 6,479
Monster_Legends: Blumeria_Tales_Challenge – Blumeria

Recommended Moveset:

  • Petal Scythe: AOE Shield Removal + AOE Heavy Nature Damage(45 Dmg) + Self Double Damage(2 Turns) —-> 25 Stamina, 3 CD, All Enemies; All Enemies; Self
  • Hateosynthesis: Self Negative Effect Removal(NER) + Self Random Hater(3 Turns) + Self Life Regeneration(3 Turns) —-> 32 Stamina, 2 CD, Self
  • Burning Hate Fist: Very Heavy Light Damage(60 Dmg) + Sunburn(3 Turns) + Self Double Damage(2 Turns) —-> 36 Stamina, 3 CD, Single Enemy; Single Enemy; Self
  • Really Bad Weeds: Self Random Hater(3 Turns) + Self Random Hater(3 Turns) + Extra Turn —-> 40 Stamina, 1 CD, Self

Sunny Day in Hell: AOE Insane Light Damage(80 Dmg) + AOE Sunburn(3 Turns) + AOE Ignite(2 Turns) —-> No Stamina, No CD, All Enemies [Ultimate Skill]

Rest Of The Skills:

  • X-Strike: Moderate Physical Damage(40 Dmg) —-> 0 Stamina, 0 CD, Single Enemy
  • Solar Blast: Moderate Light Damage(30 Dmg) + Sunburn(3 Turns) —-> 0 Stamina, 0 CD, Single Enemy
  • Global Warming: AOE Moderate Light Damage(30 Dmg) + AOE Sunburn(3 Turns) —-> 16 Stamina, 1 CD, All Enemies
  • Hate Fist: Shield Removal + Heavy Physical Damage(50 Dmg) —-> 22 Stamina, 2 CD, Single Enemy
Monster_Legends: Blumeria_Tales_Challenge – Blumeria