Free Gems!! Ahh. Who doesn’t want them?? I don’t think anyone who plays Monster Legends will deny the fact that they don’t feel the pull whenever someone says “Hey amigo, I know a way to get some free gems!” If it’s me, I’m sure I’ll rush headfirst and shout to him ” just cough it up, dude!”

Therefore, I looked around and found some links whom you can copy/click on to get all the free gems. I assure you none of these links is fake, hence open them and get those free gems in Monster Legends.

“What do you wanna do with these gems, it’s up to you”, You can use them to open a new hatchery slot, buy a Breeding Joker, use them to fight a Grand Duel or just save them for the upcoming Ourosmic Tales, they are yours to spend.

How To Get These Free Gems

After clicking on any of the links above follow the steps given below to get the free gems.

Click on the go to site
Open the link with Monster Legends
Free gems in Monster Legends
Claim your free gems. I already claimed them once

Note: All these links are not mine; they belong to Socialpoint and those respective users. Some of these links I found on ChattuYT‘s youtube channel, so give him a big thanks as well.