Hello, and welcome my fellow comrades and Monster Legend fans, a brand new maze is finally at our doorstep! The Jaakuna Shrine Maze, featuring a brand new Cosmic Mythic – “Jaakuna Hi“, a Fire Support monster with Curse, Total Damage Reduction, and Positive Effect Removal skills.

Jaakuna Hi, as a Support Monster of Fire category, can apply Curse or Shock to his enemies alongside removing Positive Effects from them, he can also negate all of the damage given by his enemies through his Total Damage Reduction skill or healing and cleansing his allies when they need.

Jaakuna Hi has an Evolving Trait:

  • Rank 0, he has Area Dodge,
  • Rank 1, he becomes Immune to Possession,
  • Rank 3, he becomes a Status Caster and gains Torture Immunity at the start of every battle.





Stats(Lvl 100):

  • LIFE: 86,860
  • POWER: 7,920
  • SPEED: 6,402
Monster_Legends: Jaakuna_Shrine_Maze – Jaakuna_Hi

Recommended Moveset:

  • Insomnia: AOE Low Fire Damage(25 Dmg) + AOE Total Damage Reduction(1 Turn) —-> 42 Stamina, 2 CD, Multiple Enemies
  • Spiritual Protection: AOE Torture Removal + Aoe Team Heal(30%) —-> 42 Stamina, 2 CD, All Allies
  • Soul Faint: AOE Low Fire Damage(25 Dmg) + AOE Positive Effect Removal(PER) + AOE Shock(3 Turns) —-> 48 Stamina, 3 CD, All Enemies
  • Corrupted History: Heavy Fire Damage(45 Dmg) + Enemy Positive Effect Removal(2 Times) + Curse(1 Turn) —-> 48 Stamina, 3 CD, Single Enemy

Wicked Nostalgia: AOE Heavy Fire Damage(45 Dmg) + AOE Positive Effect Removal(PER) + AOE Total Damage Reduction(1 Turn) —-> No stamina, No CD, All Enemies [Ultimate Skill]

Rest Of The Skills:

  • Wangzhou’s Counsel: Moderate Fire Damage(30 Dmg) + Curse(1 Turn) —-> 30 Stamina, 0 CD, Single Enemy
  • Dark Times: Major Damage Reduction(2 Turns)—-> 30 Stamina, 0 CD, Single Enemy
  • Spirits’ Protection: Self Torture Immunity(3 Turns) + Self Heal(50%) —-> 36 Stamina, 1 CD, Self; Self
  • Spiritual Veil: Moderate Fire Damage(40 Dmg) + Enemy Positive Effect Removal(PER) + Shock(3 Turns) —-> 36 Stamina, 1 CD, Single Enemy
Monster_Legends: Jaakuna_Shrine_Maze – Jaakuna_Hi