Monster legends can be counted as one of the most spent on and popular mobile strategy RPG game entailing collecting monsters, ranking, and battling them. But, you would be wrong if you think this is all that it depicts, as it offers much more in the form of crafting runes, equipping relics, and team building.

Monster legends have everything that a strategy RPG enthusiast can hope for, may it be collecting monsters, organizing live duels, conquering new islands, and a plethora of other events to keep you busy and occupied.

 Sometimes, it can also be quite overwhelming to some beginners and cause them a lot of confusion, with its surplus of events taking place at the same time. Therefore, worry not, here we will provide you a step by step guide to show n steer you through this world of adventures and possibilities.

Therefore, worry not, here we will provide you a step by step guide to show n steer you through this world of adventures and possibilities.

1. Keep Track Of Your Goals:

Since you just started and don’t know much about monster legends and how it works, I would suggest keeping an eye on your goals, as it will give you a direction to move forward.

As you level up, you will unlock Daily Missions and Achievements (at LEVEL 15). Daily Missions will give you generous rewards for completing easy missions every day. Achievements are like check posts to congratulate and to reward you, as you move ahead in different phases of the game.Keep Track Of Your Goals

2. Amassing Wealth:

As you dug deeper into the world of monsters, you will recognize the importance of resources such as gold, food, and gems, which can be used to buy islands, monsters, runes, and to take part in many different events. Even experienced players are haunted by the shortage of gold and food at higher levels if they were negligent in managing them.

We will focus on gold for now, since you can sort out the problem of food if you have enough gold in your treasury. There are many ways to enhance your gold collection and here we listed some of the important ones;

  • Selling monsters/eggs you breed, selling items, increasing your monster collection.
  • Completing daily missions and winning daily rewards.
  • Tidying up your islands by removing trees, huge rocks, and rubble.
  • Winning PvP battles in team wars and by completing different adventure nodes.
  • Opening video free chests and wooden chests.
  • Collecting gold regularly from your habitats can provide you a steady source of income, which can be done by Pandaken gold farming or Legendary gold farming. Since you just started playing, it would be best if you focus on building a huge Pandaken gold farm.

“Why Pandaken’s?? Out of all the awesome monsters out there, why should I use Pandaken’s?”

The answer is simple because they have good GPM (Gold per minute) in the nature habitat (maximum Gold storage before dark habitat, low cost, and fast build/upgrade time) and are quite easy to breed (just 30sec). So, you can breed a bunch of them in just a couple of minutes and start your Pandaken gold farm.Amassing Wealth

3. Gaining And Utilizing The Food:

Food is a prerequisite, no matter if it’s outside the world of monsters where we live, or inside the fascinating world of Monster Legends. Every single monster in this world requires a large amount of food to rank up, get stronger, and to attain his/her maximum potential. Despite making your monsters bigger and stronger, food still plays a large role in Upgrading habitats, Strengthening Relics, and even while activating your guardians.

With so many uses, players always feel and face the shortage of food due to various circumstances. Here are some of the ways through which you can get a large amount of food;

  • Stealing it from others in team wars by defeating them.
  • Opening free and video free chest or limited addition chests during island events.
  • Completing adventure nodes and clearing dungeons.
  • Taking part in Marathons and if you perform well, you can get up to 5 million food.
  • Building and managing huge farms (Pandaken farms and Legendary farms) by activating food guardians with different boosts.Gaining And Utilizing The Food

4. Mastering The Different Elements:

While facing your opponents anywhere in monster legends, one thing you should make sure you know is

    “Which elemental category his monster falls in??” “Which monsters should I use to outsmart and defeat him?”

The monsters in Monster Legends are primarily classified based on their elements and elemental affinity. Therefore, knowing about the strength and weaknesses of different elements will take you a long way, even while fighting Legendaries/Mythic, which are more dependent on their skills/traits, rather than the elements they represent.

But, still, an increase or decrease in the damage output (around 50%) can flip the board to your side and get you a win, keep in mind that by using the same elemental attack against a monster of the corresponding element also reduces skill damage by 50%. (Ex: Fire skill damage against a fire monster will do 50% less damage.)


Except for Common, Legendary, and Mythic, other monsters can represent 2 different elements in a single individual. Therefore, keep this in mind while facing your opponent because you are still somewhat far from building a team consisting of only Legendary/Mythic monsters. Remember, everything in the game revolves around these elements, starting from which habitat to build for a particular monster all the way extending to the temples they require to advance past Level 10.Mastering The Different Elements

5. Upgrade Your Monsters Wisely:

As mentioned above, to upgrade your monsters past Level 10, you need to upgrade the different elemental temples, therefore chose wisely which monsters you need to upgrade.

 After starting the game, it would be best if you upgrade your nature and fire temples to assist in your Pandaken gold farming, and when you have enough gold or were able to get some good legendaries, start upgrading their corresponding temples to their maximum capacity (8 times) so that you can upgrade these monsters. But keep in mind, each upgrade takes a lot of time and gold, which will only increase exponentially after each upgrade. So, manage your time well and upgrade them wisely.

Note:- You can upgrade all your temples to their maximum capacity at level 43. Upgrade your best monsters first by feeding them or by completing an adventure node.Upgrade Your Monster Wisely

6. Equip Runes To Overwhelm Your Opponents:

Once you figured out and mastered the different elements or upgraded your different monsters, it’s time to craft and equip some runes to boost up your monsters (available at Level 15 after unlocking runes building). There are multiple types of runes and they can be used to increase the different stats of your monsters, may it be speed/team speed, strength/team strength, life/team life, stamina/team stamina, or gold/team gold.

Every rune comes with a different function and targets the different aspects of individual monsters or all the monsters in your team (gold/team gold runes targets your monsters in habitats and boosts gold production). You can buy runes with gold/gems, or you can craft a high-level rune by using low-level runes by 1, 1, 1, X method (whereas X can be any rune ranging from I —> SX). The easiest way to get runes is by exploring and clearing rune dungeons, which will provide you with different types of rune chests.

Un-equipping runes cost us gold (runes till Level III) or gems (IV-SX), so think twice before equipping them.

Tip: Extracting monsters at the monster lab will un-equip all the existing runes on your monsters without using gold/gems. This method can be used to select breedable monsters with all 3 rune slots open while extracting the rest. If you are doing Pandaken gold farming, then keep the Pandakens with 3 rune slots active with gold/team gold runes, while extracting the rest at the monster lab.Equip Runes To Overwhelm Your Opponents

7. Building A Good Team Early On:

May it be runes or relics; they are just extensions of your monsters, which help them to boost their stats or to add some passive skills.The most important things are still the way you build your team, the skills you choose, and the traits your monsters possess.

There are many different ways a player can build a team and out of all those, I’ll tell you the most popular one, the one with a fast Denial Monster/Speedster:

i. Speedster/Denial Monster:-  The one with control(stun, freeze, etc.). His only work is to deny the enemy monsters before they can unleash their skills and to give our teams Damage dealer enough time to eradicate them. [He should be the first to attack and be sure to make him super-fast (3 Team speed).]

ii. Damage dealer:- This monster should have powerful AOE (Area of Effect) skills and single target high power skills to eradicate the opposite team in one sweep or at least by damaging them badly. Equip him with 2 strength, 1 speed/team speed rune (Preferred).

iii. Support:-This monster is primarily used to support your Speedster and to make sure he attacks first or by protecting the rest of the monsters, in case you were not able to attack first. Equip him with 3 team speed or 2 team speeds, 1 speed/1 life depending on the circumstances.

 While building a team, skills are important, but traits and monster stats are more dominant. Monsters with good skills won’t help you if their speed is lowest among the rest of the monsters and they are not able to attack first. So, keep that in mind while choosing your team. During your early days, it would be quite hard to build an all Legendary/Mythic team. Therefore, even if you have only one Legendary in your team, make sure your other monsters are boosting his stats with team runes, may it be speed, life, strength, or stamina.Building A Good Team Early On

8. Exploring Dungeons And Clearing Adventure Nodes:

After unlocking the Adventure Map and Dungeons at level 10, I would suggest you keep your distance from the adventure map, for the time being. This topic is quite controversial, but it is true that the higher the level, the difficult it is to complete different challenges and to clear dungeons.

So, it is much easier to get precious resources like gems, gold, rune chests, monster cells, and differing elemental cells at lower levels by clearing the dungeons and by participating in various Weekly Events.Exploring Dungeons And Clearing Adventure NodesExploring Dungeons And Clearing Adventure Nodes

Only clear adventure map till level 10 or 10th node to unlock dungeons, and then you can keep your distance from it until you reach level 25-30, and even after that clear adventure node only when necessary. Don’t get muddle-headed and start clearing adventure map for just some small rewards because by doing that you will level up faster, and as a result destabilize your foundation.

 You will only understand this at higher levels when you will lack variety in front of other players at your same level and will face difficulty in defeating similar level opponents; since you sped up your leveling and were not able to grow evenly with your level.After unlocking the Adventure map, you will get 50 stamina points, which you should use wisely in clearing and exploring Dungeons because this is just a one-time thing, and later on it will take 10 minutes to gain 1 stamina point, and you will only be able to store a maximum of 10 stamina points at a time.

 Instead of clearing the Adventure map, clear dungeons, which will provide you with many valuable resources in terms of gems, rune chest, monster cells, and even Warmaster Cells (can still be counted as one of the best monsters in the game, even after the introduction of Cosmic and Mythic Era Monsters).Exploring Dungeons And Clearing Adventure Nodes

9. Participate In Multiplayer Battles To Get Mythic/Legendaries:

After a recent update, the format and the way we used to participate in Multiplayer battles changed, and to be honest this new type of game-play is way more user friendly and superior to the previous roulette spinning one.

Participate In Multiplayer Battles To Get Mythic/Legendaries Image Source – Google | Image by –

Now you can get 5 different types of chests from Tier 1–>Tier 5, varying in the degree of rewards they provide. The higher the tier, the greater the reward a player gets. Each battle won will give you a chest, and the first 3 will be stored automatically in the given free slots and will only be available after a pre-set time (different tiers have differing chest opening times). You can skip this process by using gems, but that would be 2 wasteful instead, you can wait till the given time expires and then open these chests to get the rewards, which can vary from ambers to monsters (Epics, Rare, Legendaries, or even Mythic), to food and gold.

The higher the tier, the lesser will be the probability for that chest to spawn, but as you level up your Multiplayer rank, the probability for a high tier chest to spawn will increase.
Tip: Make sure you are using your best team possible because the matches are now random and the opponents will be around your same level. Therefore, use your best team in the offense as well as in defense.Participate In Multiplayer Battles To Get Mythic/Legendaries

10. Organize Your Available Space Wisely:

In the beginning, only one island is available while the rest are locked and can only be bought from the shop after you have enough gold or gems (which are not preferred). That’s why to plan your available space wisely and don’t let it hinder your progress.

Make sure you build high gold storing habitats (Nature habitat for beginner’s, then Legendary/Mythic) more rather than the fire, water, and other habitats.

Keep your habitats as full as possible, and level them up to their utmost limit, because it’s pointless to have 10 habitats with 1 monster instead, it would have been much better to have 3 habitats with 12 monsters. Each habitat can store a maximum of 4 monsters, and to upgrade them you need gold/food; only after filling every one of your habitats to the brim can you think about buying another island or building a new habitat.

Keep your temples and other miscellaneous buildings at the small floating islets or at places where you were not able to build a habitat. New islands will have a lot of rubble, meteorites, tress, and rocks of varying sizes therefore, make sure to clean them as soon as possible. Each type of rock, tree, or bush takes a different amount of time to uproot, so keep that in mind while using your workers to clear them. Clear big obstacles only when you are offline or when you don’t need these workers to upgrade/build your habitats or other buildings.Organize Your Available Space Wisely

11. Gaining And Managing Your Gems Effectively:

 Out of all the available resources, apart from some special cells which can’t be bought and can only be gained, or are only available during some special events, gems are the most crucial resource in monster legends.

If gold is the in-game currency, then gems can be seen as the real hard-earned money you will get after working your ass off. Therefore, treat each gem with great care and don’t waste them unnecessarily to skip breeding, upgrading, or hatching time. Now, here is a question- “If not here, then where should I use these hard-earned gems??”

After investing a lot of time and energy in this game and after learning from many of my silly mistakes, I would like to suggest you a list of options that will provide you with the maximum output you can get after investing those gems:Gaining And Managing Your Gems Effectively

  • Opening hatchery slots, buying Ultra breeding tree.
  • Building worker huts (Maximum 3, until you feel the need).
  • Buying Legends, but only during some special circumstances which are:
    • Only if you can get them super cheap, around 100-150 gems during Progressive Island or mazes.
    • Buying Breeding jokers (Galante, Violet, Urtikus, and Galante jr.) to participate in different breeding events and to get the latest Legendary/Mythic monster by breeding them.
  • Opening rune slots (but only during 50% off usually around different breeding events or Marathons) and especially on your best monsters, and there is no need to use gems on breedable monsters to open rune slots, instead just extract these monsters and breed them again until you get monsters with all slots open.Gaining And Managing Your Gems Effectively
  • Save your gems for races/breeding events, and even while joining some teams because many teams will only let you join if you have enough gems to help them in Marathons.

We talked about the uses of gems in great detail however, you still need several sources from where you can get free gems; you can’t just buy them from the shop using your money, which even I’ll not recommend instead, you can rather buy a Golden Legend Pass. Here are some of the ways through which you can get free gems, without turning your hair white from anxiety:

  • Watching videos and completing different tasks to get gems from Monsterwood.
  • Clearing gem dungeons and adventure maps.
  • Opening chests, spinning daily roulette, completing daily goals, and unlocking Achievements.
  • Keeping an eye on links provided by Socialpoint or some of the YouTubers, and clicking on them can get you some “FREE GEMS“.
  • Participating in limited-time events and completing different timed challenges (Gold fever, Love season, Rune Lords, Growth spurt, Legendary overlords, Dr. Viktor’s Patrons, King of gems, etc).

12. Take Part In Mazes, Marathons And Different Events:

 Whenever you enter the world of monsters, you will always see a bunch of events going on, which can be limited-time events, weekly challenges, new dungeons, El colossal breeding events, etc. These events will help you in gaining new monsters, gems, monster cells, and even golden relic chests.

 Legendary/Mythic monsters can be bought from the Golden legend pass or can be gained through the multiplayer battles. However, the most affordable and easy way to get the fresh and up to date monsters is still by participating in different events (quests, challenges, mazes), which can be Marathons (where your whole team participates) or breeding events (where you can get several new monsters by breeding the existing ones).Take Part In Mazes, Marathons And Different Events

Mazes can be seen as the most popular way to increase your collection, as they are usually available every week and can last for around 7 days. You can get free maze coins by completing a bunch of different tasks, which can be done by feeding your monsters, collecting gold from habitats, winning multiplayer battles, spinning roulettes, or by breeding and hatching monsters. Maze coins renew every 4 hours, so you can revisit your farms to collect gold or to feed your monsters to get more maze coins.

 Monster/Progressive islands can often spawn during the whole month and will allow you to get some of the best, new, or existing monsters by completing a bunch of different tasks. Progressive islands are impossible to finish without spending gems, so make sure to save some gems or you can keep it moderate and complete the different tasks by logging in the game every 8 hours without using any gems.

Every 8 hours all the respective pools will restore and you can again complete different tasks to progress in the monster islands. It is up to you, whether you want to spend gems or to make progress by completing different tasks. Usually, we have a gem chart corresponding to all the event topics, which will help you decide, what to get and how much to spend, so make sure to check those charts making your work much easier.Take Part In Mazes, Marathons And Different Events

13. Keep Track Of Your Monster Collection In The Library:

After unlocking the library (at level 12), you can access various types of collection books. Every single one of these books contains a list of different monsters ranging from 4 to 8, and each one has a place in their respective chapters. Each one of these monsters in a chapter has some similarities to each other and then to other monsters in their relevant books.Keep Track Of Your Monster Collection In The Library

Monsters in each chapter are positioned in the book in an orderly manner, starting from the one which spawned first and then ending with the latest ones.

Collecting all the monsters from each chapter will give you many rewards, which can be anything from food to monster cells and even elementium/stardust. Each chapter has its varied rewards and unique monsters to collect therefore, choose the rewards you want and collect their monsters accordingly. However, this is not the end, even after collecting all the monsters from a chapter, you can get more rewards after ranking them up all the way to rank 5.

 There are around 24 different Monster books at the moment, while 2 of them are limited-edition ones, only available for a limited time with their respective rewards. So, hurry up and collect these monsters before the time runs out.Keep Track Of Your Monster Collection In The Library

14. Make Sure To Drop By Monsterwood Frequently:

 Watching ads and videos to boost your progress or to get some valuable rewards has always been an indispensable part of free-to-play strategy games, even if it’s Monster legends where players can either be free-2-play or pay-2-win, video ads help them in boosting their progress.

Monsterwood (only appears after playing the game for 20 days) is such a place where you will get different and a varied number of resources by watching ads. Apart from Monsterwood, you can even watch ads/videos to trim down the time required in the construction, upgrading, or production of different structures and farms on your island.

 The number of rewards will increase whenever there is a ‘Happy hour’ going on. After watching the first 5 ads for the day, you can spin a roulette wheel to get gems (from 10-100), food, rune chests, relic chests, and much more. There are also some tasks and surveys available for you throughout the month to help you win a fair amount of gems by completing some easy tasks.Make Sure To Drop By Monsterwood Frequently

15. Make Full Use Of Your Breeding Tree/Mountain:

Monster legends revolve around breeding, gaining, winning, and hatching of monsters, and we can’t talk about monster legends without mentioning the breeding of monsters, which may range from breeding a bunch of rare or epics to breedable legendary monsters and even Mythic/Cosmic mythic during certain events.

Breeding a large number of monsters is the easiest way to build a large and powerful army, with all sorts of monsters. Even if you want to set up several Legendary gold farms, then breeding a bunch of breedable legendaries is the easiest way. Make Full Use Of Your Breeding Tree/Mountain

Here is a list of all the breedable legendary monsters with their respective epics that you can breed while starting the game, as well as in the future. Different types of monsters (C, UC, R, E, L, M) take a different amount of time to breed and hatch; it can start from 15 sec (for treezard) to 2 days (for legendary).

You won’t be able to breed the desired monster with every single breeding, as sometimes you will get monsters that you don’t desire, but stay focused and don’t waver, keep experimenting new combinations and occasionally failing to get the desired result is nothing more but a small part of the game.

Tip: Breed epics/legendaries for gold farms and extract the rest to get elementium or their respective elemental cells, which can be used to rank up your different monsters.

You can cut the amount of time required to breed various monsters by activating your breeding guardian (Kamala) with 20%, 40%, 60%, or 80% boosts. Here is a chart we made for you entailing the time required to breed, every type of monster with different boosts. Make Full Use Of Your Breeding Tree/Mountain


Social point’s monster legends can be said to have travelled a long way, from the day it first started and then navigating through the different challenges and obstacles thrown at it along the way to rising and dominating the world of strategic android games.

Many players rose with it, and many were lost along the way, but even after 7 years, this game is still as exciting and fascinating as it was when first released.

For the love we felt for this game and for those who are starting their journey in this world of monsters, we tried to put through a thorough guide in providing them with a minute amount of help in paving their way through the world of legends.

There is still a vast amount of knowledge left, which we weren’t able to provide in this guide, but don’t worry, we provided you with everything that you should know and everything that will help you in kick-starting your adventure in the world of legends.

If there is anything that we left or forgot to mention about, feel free to remind us by providing your valuable suggestions and queries in the comment section below, our team will try our best to help you in solving those queries.