Welcome, Monster Legends Gaming Community, with the climax of the El Colossal Breeding Event( lasting 24 Hours), a new marathon has started! featuring Fampirastral, a new Cosmic Mythic Monster, with various Debuffs and Torture skills of the dark element; vying to establish herself as a formidable Dark Support monster.

Fampirastral, being a Dark Support Monster, can use various Debuffs, like positive effect removal and Total Blind, and can cast Tortures like Nightmares and Bleed. She can also steal life from all enemies in a single attack! Fampirastral has an Evolving Trait:

  • Rank 0, she’s Super Attuned,
  • Rank 1, she gains Immunity to control and,
  • Rank 3, she gains True Vision at the start of every battle.



Stats (Lvl 100):

  • LIFE: 72,384
  • POWER: 7,040
  • SPEED: 5,984

Monster_Legends: Blood_Disco_Marathon-Fampirastral
Monster_Legends: Blood_Disco_Marathon-Fampirastral

Recommended Moveset:

  • Flying With The devil: Heavy Dark damage(40 Dmg) + Total Blind(1 Turn) + Nightmares(4 Turns) —-> 36 Stamina, 2 CD, Single Enemy
  • Singing For You: AOE Low Dark damage(25 Dmg) + AOE Life Steal + AOE PER —-> 36 Stamina, 2 CD, All Enemies
  • Nightmare On The Street: AOE Moderate Dark damage(30 Dmg) + AOE Blind(2 Turns) + AOE Nightmare(4 Turns) + AOE Bleed(3 Turns) —-> 43 Stamina, 3 CD, All Enemies
  • The Reaper: Low Special damage(25 Dmg) + PER + Extra Turn —-> 23 Stamina, 3 CD, Single Enemy

Highway To Hell : AOE PER + AOE Heavy Dark Damage(50 Dmg) + AOE Bleed(3 Turns) + AOE Nightmares(4 Turns) —-> No Stamina, No CD, All Enemies [Special Skill]

Rest Of The Skills:

  • Bloody Daughter: Moderate Dark damage(40 Dmg) + Bleed(3 Turns) —-> 22 Stamina, 0 CD, Single Enemy
  • Infinite Singing: AOE Blind(2 Turns) —-> 0 Stamina, 0 CD, All Enemies
  • Spooky: Low Special damage(25) + Bleed(3 Turns) + Extra Turn —-> 19 Stamina, 1 CD, Single Enemy
  • Moon Rising: Moderate Dark damage(40 Dmg) + Life Steal + PER Twice —-> 29 Stamina, 1 CD, Single Enemy