Welcome Monster Legend fans, a new quest is at your doorstep! Gear up your monsters and get ready to breed a bunch of top monsters (Kawthor, Crabbydroid, Gurlik) by combining Cryotan (or Urtikus) and Taiga (or Galante Jr.), all the while trying to get your hands on a brand new Corrupted Mythic – Swamzoad.

  • Cryotan (or Urtikus)Taiga (or Galante Jr.) = Swamzoad

Swamzoad, as a Controller of Water category, can apply MegaFreeze and Quicksands to his enemies alongside Double Healing and Life Regeneration to itself. He can also Freeze twice to all his enemies or remove positive status effects from all his enemies through his Ultimate.

Swamzoad has an Evolving Trait:

  • Rank 0, he’s Immune to Torture,
  • Rank 1, he gains Freeze Immunity,
  • Rank 3, he becomes a Status Caster and applies Quicksands to all his enemies at the start of every battle.


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Stats(Lvl 100):

  • LIFE: 91,686
  • POWER: 8,118
  • SPEED: 6,369
Monster_Legends: Quest_Event_And_Quest_Days – Swamzoad

Recommended Moveset:

  • Mud Recovery: Self Double Healing(3 Turns) + Self Life Regeneration(3 Turns) —-> 42 Stamina, 2 CD, Self
  • Dirty Quagmire: AOE Moderate Earth Damage(35 Dmg) + AOE Quicksands(4 Turns) + Self Heal( 20%) —-> 42 Stamina, 2 CD, All Enemies; All Enemies; Self
  • Frozen Swamp: Heavy Water Damage(45 Dmg) + MegaFreeze(2 Turns) + Quicksands(4 turns) —-> 48 Stamina, 3 CD, Single Enemy
  • Cold Breeze: AOE Moderate Water Damage(30 Dmg) + AOE Freeze(1 Turn) + AOE Freeze(1 Turn) —-> 48 Stamina, 3 CD All Enemies

Iced Earthquake: AOE Positive effect removal(PER) + AOE MegaFreeze(2 Turns) + AOE Quicksands(4 Turns) —-> No Stamina, No CD, All Enemies [Ultimate Skill]

Rest Of The Skills:

  • Mutated Toad: Moderate Earth Damage(30 Dmg) + Quicksands(4 Turns) —-> 30 Stamina, 0 CD, Single Enemy
  • Moss and Ice: Moderate Water Damage(30 Dmg) + Freeze(1 Turn) —-> 30 Stamina, 0 CD, Single Enemy
  • Sludge Bath: Self Heal( 50%) —-> 36 Stamina, 1 CD, Self
  • Frog’s Jump: Moderate Earth Damage(40 Dmg) + Quicksands(4 Turns) + Self Life Regeneration(3 Turns) —-> 36 Stamina, 1 CD, Single Enemy; Single Enemy; Self

For every breeding, successful or not, you’ll get a Quest Scroll to unlock nodes in the Quest Dungeon, where you can get monsters from previous quests!

Monster_Legends: Quest_Day_Dungeon – Swamzoad

Obtain Swamzoad to get Quest Keys, used in unlocking a Survival Dungeon, containing up to 200 Swamzoad cells. Here are some of the key points that you should remember:

  • The Survival Dungeon will start on Monday 10th at 11:00 UTC.
  • Remember, the egg needs to be on the Hatchery “BEFORE” the Breeding Event is over to get the Quest Key.
  • You can only use one Joker per combo and breeding the Jokers with each other is invalid.